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Gourmet Coffee Beans That Light Up Your Palate

Coffee Express in Bangor, Maine, is the coffee shop providing you with prepared coffee and roasted beans featuring an array of complex, yet tastefully simple flavors to awaken your senses. Feel the kick of caffeine as you try new combinations of our beans that hold their own flavor, no syrups needed.

Spilled Coffee

Straightforward & Bold Coffee

The natural flavors offers by our main line of coffee beans gives you that real, strong coffee taste with delicate notes that vary from blend to blend. Enjoy types such as:

• Coffee Express Blend—A Zestful, Aromatic Blend of Central American Coffees

• Antigua Guatemalan—Well-Balanced & Crisp with Traces of Sweet Fruit & an Aftertaste Hinting of Spice

• French Roast—A Delightful, Dark-Roasted Blend of South & Central American Coffees Displaying a Rich, Bold Body with Smoky Notes & Low to Medium Acidity

• Italian Roast—Our Darkest Roast, Packed with Potent Flavors for Those That Love That Immediate Punch of Coffee Taste

Flavored Coffees for Every Season

No matter what time of year it is, you can rely on our store to carry unique and tasty coffee flavors that you will savor to every last drop. With popular choices like Blueberry, Holiday Grog, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Yankee Doodle, you can't go wrong with any of our incredible options.

Banana Hazelnut—Toasty Hazelnut & Tropical Banana Make for Unique & Satisfying Flavor

Banana Nut Bread—Down-Home Comfort with Aroma of Fresh-Baked Banana Nut Bread

Blueberry—A Bright & Invigorating Burst of Fruity Flavor

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble—Sweet & Juicy Blueberry with a Touch of Spice

Chocolate Truffle—Notes of Comforting Chocolate Paired with Bold Taste of Our Coffee Beans

Coconut Fudge—A True Tropical Dessert Delight Right in Your Cup

French Vanilla—The Classic Coffee Flavor Without the Need for Syrup & Creamers

Hazelnut—A Traditional Coffee Flavor Perfect for Waking Up on Frosty Mornings

Holiday Grog—A Mild Blend with Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, & Rum Flavors

Jamaican Me Crazy—An Enticing Island Blend of Luscious Caramel, Vanilla, & Creamy Kahlua™

Kahlua™ & Crème—The Sweet, Creamy Taste of This Variety Recalls the Famous Liqueur

Maple Nut—A Popular Coffee with a Flavorful Hint of Maple Syrup

Pumpkin Spice—A Wonderful Holiday Favorite That You Can Enjoy Any Time of Year

Vanilla Hazelnut—Two of the Most Loved Coffee Flavors Combined into One Amazing Blend

Yankee Doodle—Our Most Popular Variety Mixes: Spicy & Sweet Cinnamon with Toasty Hazelnut

Coffee Prices

> Coffees are $13.99 per pound.

> Decafe $14.99 per pound.

***All coffees available ground or whole bean.